Thursday, January 29, 2015

Building my vocabulary

Flip! Flip! Flip! That's the sound of the pages turning in my books! Reading is my favorite thing to do.

Reading is important because it makes you smarter. I want to be a lawyer and lawyers need to know how to read. Sometimes I read to learn about new things and sometimes I read to imagine the lives of fictional characters.

I have been working with my teacher on expanding my vocabulary. In every book I read I learn new words. This week we've been reading Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements.   In this book I've learned words like perplexed, government, and CIA.

When I come along a word I don't know this is what I do. I write the word, I write the definition, then I use it in a sentence. Finally I draw a picture. Writing the definition helps me learn the word the best. Sometimes words in Spanish and in English sound the same. For example the word zebra in Spanish is cebra. That also helps me learn new words in English.

Here is a picture of my vocabulary book.


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