Friday, November 7, 2014

Kindergarten Buddies

Sixth graders have been so eager to start our Kindergarten Buddy program and it has finally begun! Each 6th grader has been partnered up with a kindergarten student and we plan on meeting with them once a week. We are very excited to get to know about our new buddies and begin what will hopefully be a long-lived friendship.
                So far we have read Halloween stories with our new friends and created Ghostly Glyphs. We also had the wonderful opportunity to interview each other to find out some interesting details about one another. The sixth graders will be creating a word document with the interview information so the partners can create Venn Diagrams as they compare and contrast their interests.
                All of the activities these partners share help to form a bond that will last well beyond this current school year. It is always so refreshing to hear 7th, 8th, and even 9th graders tell us about their friendships with the buddies they had back in sixth grade. This relationship has so many benefits for everyone involved. Kindergartners are able to relate to older students in the school and begin to feel more comfortable at Goodrich School. The sixth graders learn how to put their own needs aside and now direct their attention to this young student in front of them. What a pleasure it is to see these sixth graders sitting on the floor with their buddies reading a story or helping their new friends read a book.
                This is our first year in a very long time in which we have three sections of kindergarten classes. At first, I suspected this to be a difficult hurdle to overcome. How would we pair up students from two classes with the students in three classes? With just a little juggling and cooperation from all teachers involved (are there any greater teachers than those at Goodrich?), we were able to select enough students from the morning to work with the one kindergarten class and then have the rest of our students pair up with the two afternoon classes. This dilemma ended up to not be a problem at all!

We are so excited to find out what other adventures are on the horizon!

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