Thursday, November 6, 2014


     Some of us learn by taking notes.  Some of us learn by listening. Some of us learn by talking.  Some of us learn by drawing pictures. Some of us learn by moving. But we can all learn by ….going BOWLING!!! What???  That’s right—you read that correctly!  We were learning our subtraction facts within 10 by bowling during math time.
     Since a common core math  standard for first grade is subtracting numbers within 10 and bowling requires 10 pins, and when you knock the pins over, that is similar to “taking away”…so it just makes sense (to me…) that we would be bowling during math time.
    The students “played” together as a team and helped each other write and solve the equations.  They also had to set the pins back up for the next player—no fancy automatic machines for this.
    By using subtraction bowling in the classroom, we got the students up and moving, writing, thinking and building relationships with their classmates.

After we cleaned up the bowling alley and got ready for lunch, Saige said “ That was math?”  That’s a win for the teacher!

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