Monday, October 20, 2014

Goodrich Safety Patrols

To become a Safety Patrol at Goodrich students must:

  • Be in 5th or 6th grade
  • Have a couteous and helpful attitude
  • Maintain passing grades in all subject areas
  • Be a good role model with a desire to serve the school

Goodrich Safety Patrol membership is an honor and a privilege.  It is a job of commitment and service to Goodrich throughout the year.  In order to become a safety patrol students must display leadership qualities and be responsible.  The jobs that safety patrols are uses in at Goodrich are:

  • Morning Arrival- Arrive at school at 7:55.  Students open car doors and help students safely get out of cars in our parking lot.
  • Afternoon Arrival for Kindergarten-  During this time students give up part of their recess and lunch to assist kindergartners into the building while they wait for the teachers take them to class.
  • Afternoon Dismissal for Kindergarten-  At the end of the day student pack up a couple minutes early to assist our kindergarten teachers dismissing their classes taking students to the correct dismissal area.
  • Flag Duty- Students learn to raise, lower and correctly store  the American Flag each day.
During the above times Safety Patrols help maintain orderliness inside/outside of the school.  All these jobs are performed in a variety of weather conditions.

Morning Patrols opening car doors to help students start the day.

Midday Patrols greeting Kindergartners and getting students ready to go to class.

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