Thursday, October 16, 2014

What? No more lost books?!

It eventually happens to everyone (yes, even me!) Your library book is due and you don't know where it is. After some frantic searching you may or may not be able to put your hands on the books that your child needs to return to school. I often hear from students, "I thought I returned it!" or "I don't know where that book is." Ultimately, most books turn up. But, what do they read in the meantime? Ebooks!

Our school now has access to two different forms of Ebooks that students can check out electronically. The first is called Follett Shelf. This can be accessed through the Woodridge District 68  website under Resources-Students-Library Catalog. Click on Goodrich School. This will take students to the login page for Follett/Destiny. Their login is their username and password that they use to login to the network at school. Once logged in, click on Follett Shelf on the left side of the screen. Students can filter their search by Accelerated Reader and then click on the book to check it out. Once checked out it can be read on any Internet enabled device from phone to iPad to tablet. The books are checked out for a one week period and then are automatically returned to the shelf! No more hunting for books! There are currently over five hundred books to choose from in both English and Spanish.

New this year is a program called Overdrive. This program works slightly different than Follett Shelf in that it allows the user to download the book onto an ereader. If you have a Kindle, Nook, iPad or tablet you can download both ebooks and audio books. The Overdrive program has books that align with many of the reading  programs that are used in our school including. Monarchs, Bluestems, Caudills and Battle of the Books. To choose a book we are asking that you click on the book or audio icon at the top of each book. Next, choose sample. This will allow the student to read a small portion of the book before determining if they want to check out the title. If they decide they want it, they will have to go back to the original screen and check it out.

To access these books go to the Woodridge District 68  website under Resources-Students-Overdrive. One link takes you to the login page. It is the same username and password that is used for their computers at school. The other takes you to instructions for how to download to your specific device. The books can also be read online through this website. Overdrive has an app available for those who wish to download it.These books are available as a three week check out and much the same as Follett Shelf, they are returned automatically.

Next time your child is complaining that they have nothing to read check out one of our online options for finding a book that will never go missing again!

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