Thursday, September 11, 2014

Third Grade Writer's Notebook

This year in writing we will follow a Writer’s Workshop approach which provides students the opportunity to write in a variety of genres and helps foster a love of writing. We have spent the beginning of the year discussing how writing will look in our classroom and the tools we will need as writers.  A very important tool that we will use each day during Writer’s Workshop is the Writer’s Notebook. In order to personalize our notebooks and to make them special, students brought in pictures and photographs that are meaningful to them. These pictures and photographs will be great inspiration when students are deciding on a topic to write about.

I enjoyed watching the excitement students had while bringing their pictures out and looking through them. Students were eager to talk with me and their classmates about the pictures of their favorite things and the memories that the photographs evoked. I am very excited to read the great pieces of writing that these images inspire and to watch the students grow as passionate writers. 

Mrs. White - 3rd Grade

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