Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Gator Den

What is the Gator Den?  The Gator Den is formally known as the school store.  Students in Mr. Schrom's math class created a new name for the school store.  A logo for the Gator Den will be released shortly.  The students in Mr. Schrom's math class will be operating this new store very similar to a small business.  Students will be in charge of  keeping track of inventory, order/reordering products for the school store as well as selling product during their lunch hour.  This new store idea aligns with a unit of study in the 6th grade curriculum. 

During the first week of school, students have been creating spreadsheets for inventory, pricing items for sale, as well as setting up an Ipad app that will be used as a cash register during operation of the Gator Den.  

The Gator Den will be open on Friday's during lunch periods starting September 19th.  All money raised through the effort of the school store is put back into classrooms across the building.  We thank you for allowing your students to visit the Gator Den and look forward to seeing them during lunch periods.

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