Friday, September 12, 2014


I am one of the luckiest teachers in the school because I get to teach every single student at Goodrich!  No matter what unit we are in, lessons get broken down for each grade level.  Throughout the whole year we all focus on the importance of SPORTSMANSHIP.  

Part of my love for sports, athletics and physical education is that so much of it relates to life and the real world.  I learned so much from my time as an athlete, from my coaches, my parents, and PE teacher (that's right... only 1 Kindergarten-Senior Year, thank you small town USA).  And the biggest thing I learned was how to be a good sport.  Win or lose, you stand tall and proud of what you have accomplished and you show respect to everyone involved.  This is something that has helped me with every job I've had (or didn't get), my friends, my coworkers, my family and now my students.  

If nothing else I teach reaches my students except how to display positive sportsmanship, I will still be one happy teacher!  We talk about this each day, obviously some days are better than others, but we keep working at it.  We are all competitive by nature and hate to feel any sort of loss, but we just have to keep our head up and remember to learn from it so we can do better next time!

Here's what some of my 6th graders had to say about sportsmanship:

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