Monday, September 15, 2014

Little hands can make a BIG difference!

This year in the bilingual classroom we are focusing on the importance of being bilingual. I have the privilege of teaching my students how to become fluent readers. writers, speakers, and thinkers in both Spanish and English. It is incredible to watch students soar in one language, but to witness them master two languages is extremely powerful!

As most young children do, my students have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. Some of these dreams include lawyers, doctors, ballerinas, and firefighters. I want my students to know that I believe in their passion and it is my job to prepare them for these careers. In doing so, I firmly believe that holding onto their native language will help them succeed on their journey. I know from experience that being bilingual opens up so many doors in the workforce. I did not grow up speaking Spanish but I did however develop a passion for learning the language when I was in high school. That passion led me on many mission trips, internships in dual language programs, and finally it led me here to Goodrich! Without my Spanish abilities I may not be a member of the Goodrich family. My hope is that by sharing my passion for the Spanish language, my students will understand how amazing it is that they can speak two languages!

We discussed as a group how we could more easily attain our dreams by being bilingual. Each and every student in my class has a vision for his/her life and as a class we made a promise to work hard, try our best, and hold onto our native language in hopes of achieving our goals. I am confident that these little hands will make a BIG difference! 

¡Estas manos pequeñas pueden hacer una gran diferencia!

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  1. Embrace bilingualism! Too often this is not valued and it is exciting to see it valued. I know begin bilingual has opened many doors for me in my career! Keep their dreams alive!