Thursday, September 25, 2014

Covenant Harbor

As we prepare for our upcoming trip to Covenant Harbor, I can feel the anticipation in my classroom. The students are talking about what they are packing to bring for the trip and what they are looking forward to most. I am so excited for them, because I know that this will be a trip of a lifetime!

When I think back to when I was in elementary school, I have many fond memories of teachers and classmates. I can remember learning how to play the guitar in music class and completing a country report in sixth grade, but my most vivid memories are from my outdoor education trip in fifth grade.

As a student, I always thought the purpose of going to “camp” was to extend our learning in Science. While I did learn about plants, animals, and survival skills, the purpose of the trip became so much more than educational for me. I developed a relationship with my classmates and teachers that I did not have prior to going. I learned classmates’ likes and dislikes, developed trust in my teachers, and made lifelong memories with my friends.

My hope is that my students learn the same lesson about this experience as I did. This trip is not about the activities taught or the games played. Instead, it is about building relationships with teachers and peers. I look forward to learning about my students and watching them learn about each other.

Make sure to check back next month to hear about the kids’ experiences.

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  1. Camp is great! I love seeing the kids challenge themselves to do things they have never done before! And to watch them cheer each other on!