Thursday, May 25, 2017

Glued Sounds are Sooooo STICKY!

Some of Mrs. Frontera’s students have been working very hard for the past month learning all about glued sounds and how to read and spell them in words. Glued sounds are made up of specific letter combinations and are in many of the words that we read and spell every day. They include sounds like /ank/ in bank, /ing/ in ring, /all/ in ball and /ong/ in long. Students have been working and practicing to learn all of these different sounds and how to read and spell them in words.

When we first started learning about glued sounds, the number 1 question that students asked was, “Why are they called glued sounds?” It was a valid question, and we had a good laugh when one student suggested that maybe it is because they are sticky. We soon learned that this wasn’t far from the truth. Even though glued sounds aren’t actually sticky to the touch, the letter sounds are glued together to make one sound instead of three separate sounds. Hence, the name....GLUED sounds!
In order to better understand this concept, students spent their group time today creating a glued sounds poster. However, this wasn’t just any poster. Rather, it's a poster that contained a collage of words that all included glued sounds. And to make it extra special and unique, we used glitter glue to write out the glued sounds in each word.

Students had a great time coming up with different words and especially loved that they were being clever by using acutal glue to write the glued sounds. And although it created quite a sticky mess, the posters are a great representation of our learning and were fun to make.

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