Friday, March 10, 2017

The power of YET.

Growth Mindset is a very popular topic right now in schools.  A growth mindset teaches us that our brain is always growing and that working through challenging tasks can only make us smarter!  So many students focus on what they CAN’T do instead of what they CAN do.  

I recently watch a video with some of my students that taught us about the power of YET.  It tells us that just because we can’t do something doesn’t mean we will never be able to do it; we just can't do it YET!

First we watched this video.  It is from a series of videos that teaches kids about growth mindset that are made by Class Dojo.

Next we made a list of things we can’t do….however, at the end we added the word:


It is so incredible to see the impact it has on my students.  Now when they talk about things they CAN'T do,they always add YET at the end of it.

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