Monday, March 13, 2017

Challenge Accepted

In an age of technology where people use abbreviations and Emoji's instead of words in their texts and emails we seem to have lost the importance of spelling words correctly and independently without using spell check.  Spelling has gone a different direction then it was in the past.  A former student of mine accepted a tremendous challenge.  She decided she wanted to be in the spelling bee.  She studied for 2 hours every night in addition to reading, practicing her instrument, and going to dance club.  She won the school spelling bee.  The next level was the District Spelling Bee.  Last, was the regional Spelling Bee.  It took place at a local high school.  There were 24 spellers.  I sat in my seat probably as nervous and as proud as her parents.  She made it five rounds!  Most spellers were eliminated at that round.  While she was disappointed that she didn’t go further she achieved tremendous success. This girl and her family took on a challenge and through hard work and commitment were able to find success.  The National Spelling Bee takes place on May 28th.  I’m a proud teacher.  
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