Thursday, February 23, 2017

Read with a Passion

At school, students are expected to read a book of choice throughout the day. Lately, I have noticed that some students aren't as excited about leisurely reading as they should be, which makes the teacher in me somewhat upset. The reader inside the students needed to be revived. 

I am a personal fan of Lauren Tarshis' "I Survived" historical fiction books because she writes about real world historical events from a fictional young character's point of view. Tarshis writes with great description and energy. I chose the book "I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871" to read aloud to our class. Because this series is historical fiction, it allowed us to dive back into time and explore old time Chicago. After the first chapter, the students begged for more! The students asked me a great amount of questions and to find more information on this topic. It was refreshing to see and hear their excitement.

The reading spark inside students reignited! Students fled to the library to check out all of the "I Survived" books in stock. Before I knew it, students were talking, reading, and breathing "I Survived" books. Any opportunity students get to silently read, they dig their noses into a Lauren Tarshis book. For those students that didn't check out a book of their own, they ask if we can continue our Chicago story. These books not only engage the students but teach them about historical events. The students are once again eager to read! 

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