Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Each year, at the end of our dance unit the students have to create their own dances in a group.  They work together to make up either a 24-Count (4th Grade) or 32-Count (5th/6th Grades) Line Dance that they have to practice and then perform for the rest of the class.  

It is so fun to watch how they all work together.  We brainstorm a list of all the dance steps we have used in class that they could potentially use, and off they go with their group to start creating!  It is so fun to watch them work together and to see their creativity come alive!  They use dance moves from dances I taught them, they use dance moves from pop-culture and the best part... they even make up some of their own!  This by far is in my top 5 of favorite things to do with the students each year.  

A 4th Grade Group Performing their Dance.

5th Graders working together on their dances.

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