Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Planet Creation

As we prepare for the Next Generation Science Standards, we are exposing students to problem based learning and performance tasks.  The goal of a performance task is for students to apply knowledge and skills obtained to create a product that demonstrates understanding.  

One performance task we are currently working on started as an inquiry based unit about the Solar System.  Students began with an “I wonder” statement about the Solar System and from there, they conducted research in order to gain knowledge about the solar system and to answer their question.  

After researching, students created a video using the app, Explain Everything. Students are able type or talk to share their information while using this app.

The last step will be to use what has been learned about the Solar System and planets to create a planet of their own. Students will use materials to create the planet and then report out information about their planet using a green screen app called Do Ink.

Below is an video created using Explain Everything

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