Thursday, January 26, 2017

Connecting Science and Writing to the Real World

Second graders are learning how to write like scientists. First a question was posed. Students then responded to the question based on their knowledge of the world around them. This served as their hypothesis - their guess as to what they expect would happen. Then they planned what they would do in the experiment. Next they shared ideas for the procedures. After sharing, they then wrote precise steps. Armed with this information they proceeded to conduct the experiment.

Working in groups of four, students conducted an experiment to determine if a race car would travel farther off a ramp on a carpet or tiled floor. The majority of the students thought it would go farther on tiled floor. Some of the hypothesis stated that a tiled floor is smoother and it is a harder surface therefore the wheels should roll easier. Another team came to the consensus that there is less friction so the car should travel farther on the tiled floor.

Each member of the group had an assigned role/task to perform. They conducted multiple trials and recorded their results. After analyzing their results they then wrote a conclusion.

Students felt proud that they had written a scientific lab report containing precise procedures that could be easily followed by other classes.

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