Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Group Plan

We recently read a book titled “The Group Plan” in my 1st grade small group.  In this book, the four characters need to get all the ingredients necessary to bake an apple pie.  As the characters go to gather each of the ingredients, we find that one of the characters gets distracted while picking apples.  This makes it impossible for them to gather apples because he was suppose to hold the ladder up.  We later find out that the “group plan” was to pick apples but because someone was not following the group plan, the job could not get done. 

What did this lesson have to do with social skills other than making everyone hungry for apple pie? 

It taught my students that every time we are working with others inside or outside of the classroom there is a group plan.  Also, when we follow our own plan, it makes it so the group plan either cannot be achieved or is it takes a lot longer to complete.  We also made a list of when it was important to follow the group plan.
  •        Working with our classroom teams
  •         Voices at zero when walking in the hallway
  •         Partner reading
  •       Playing a game at recess

These are just a few examples that we brainstormed to show how important the group plan is throughout the day.  

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