Monday, November 14, 2016

Putting a Feather in our Caps...(sort of)

Gobble, Gobble, it is turkey time and this is the time of year when we make paper turkeys and write on each feather what we are thankful for--not this year!  We first graders decided to turn our turkey craft into a team building activity to foster supporting each other and helping each other out.

We first helped each other hold the turkey tracer so it wouldn’t move around when we outlined it with our pencil.

Then we did a Round Robin structure where each child had to tell something that they liked about each child at the table or give them a compliment.  From there, we made a list of what was said so the children would be able to write them down.

Children were then given feathers and they wrote their kind words and compliments on the feathers and handed them to their friends. The children glued them down on their turkeys.

The climate in the classroom changed that afternoon after the compliments were given.  I don’t recall anyone tattling or disagreeing.  The students let those kind, sincere words sink in and it truly made a difference in how we treated one another.

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