Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Write On!

We are knee deep in our narrative writing unit in first grade.  We have written many small moment stories about our lives.  One particular favorite small moment was the giant bug that ran across the rug during writing time--everyone wrote about it-- after the screaming died down!

One of our mini lessons was adding feelings to our stories to make them more exciting to our audience (like the screaming…).  First, we brainstormed a list of emotions and feelings.  Just to make sure we all knew what those feelings looked like, we passed out a paper with  an emotion written on it. Groups of students came up and acted out the feeling on their card.  The class had to guess that emotion.
Not only did we get to see what our face looks like, but we got to see what our bodies are doing as well when we are happy, mad, sad….

The children were then asked to go back and add emotions into their stories as well as highlight the feeling words in their stories.  If they couldn’t find any to highlight, then they knew that to make their story better, they needed to insert emotions.

As we continue our narrative unit, I do hope that nothing else runs across our rug--however, if it does, I know these first graders will have lots to write about and fill their story with emotion...

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