Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Exploring Drama

As a part of our 4th grade fiction unit we are learning about different types of fiction. Many students tend to lean on reading realistic fiction or fantasy, but throughout this unit we our pushing ourselves as readers to look beyond those types of fiction. We’ve been exploring different types of traditional literature such as myths, folktales, and fables. This week we are pushing our thinking even further by reading myths that are in the form of a drama.

To begin, we looked at how this piece of literature was different than a story book. Student immediately notice that the dialogue was presented in a completely different way with bolded print and a colon to signify someone speaking. As students read on, they noticed other differences like scene change and stage direction. Once students understood the different features of drama, it was time to take our understanding to the next level by actually performing the drama.

Students were broken up into two groups and each assigned a role to play. Students practiced their roles and will be performing for the class tomorrow. Students loved getting the chance to take on a role and become a character in the myth. This was a great opportunity for students to dive into the world of drama and explore a myth in a different way.

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