Wednesday, September 7, 2016

We All Fit Together

Our 2016-2017 school year is up and running! We are getting to know new classmates, teachers and adults at school. Some of us are new to Goodrich School, some of us have been here for years! Either way, there may be a new face or two around the classroom for us to get to know. In First grade, we have spent the beginning of the year doing get-to-know you activities. One activity that we did this week really highlighted each student’s unique qualities. We first started by doing a Rally Robin of food, colors, restaurants, people, places, etc. that each of us like. (A Rally Robin is where two students each take a turn going back and forth listing something with a partner) After our Rally Robin we had a lot of ideas bouncing around in our heads! We then got to work on drawing or writing some of those ideas onto a blank puzzle piece.

We decorated our own puzzle piece with words, pictures, and our name. After we had time to work on our puzzle piece to make it unique, we put all of the pieces together into one giant classroom puzzle!

Now when we look at our creation, we see each unique student with his or her unique qualities, interests and ideas. We also see the big picture of our class as a whole. Even though we may have different interests, we all fit together into one giant puzzle…Mrs. Schulte’s First Grade Class! Have a great year!

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