Thursday, September 8, 2016

Growing as Readers

Reading is a very exciting part of our day! Throughout our school we structure our reading time as a Reading Workshop. During this time of the day students in each class are hard at work engaging with text at their level to deepen comprehension and improve reading skills.

Each reading workshop begins with a mini-lesson or a shared read aloud. During this time the class meets in a meeting area to listen as the teacher teaches a reading strategy that students will apply to their independent reading. Students are also given a chance to practice what is being taught before going off on their own.

The largest chunk of time during our workshop is student’s interacting with engaging texts. During this time a variety of things are happening around the room. Students may be independently reading, meeting in a small group, partner reading or discussing, conferring with the teacher, or writing a reading response in their notebook.

The closing of Reading Workshop is spent reviewing, reflecting on, or celebrating work done during work time. We review and share how a strategy worked, talk with our reading partner, or reinforce the focus of our mini-lesson.
The beginning of the year has been spent launching our Reading Workshop and getting to know ourselves as readers. We’ve spent time discussing how to choose good fit books, finding reading spots, getting to know our reading partners, setting up our reading notebook, and building our reading stamina.

Our classroom library with helpful charts for reading time

Our organized reading notebook

Interviewing our reading partners

I truly enjoy the way our class looks and feels during Reading Workshop. It is great to look around and see students enjoying the text they are reading and working on their individual needs. Our workshop is already off to a great start and I look forward to seeing how successful we will be as readers this year!

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