Thursday, September 15, 2016


Students at Goodrich school are always doing amazing things to help each other and their school! As adults, we know that it is important to recognize all these amazing things that kids are doing. At Goodrich School we like to focus more on the positive behaviors than the negative ones.  One new thing we have started at Goodrich school this year is #gatorgoals. What is gator goals you ask?  Well gator goals is a way for kids and staff to recognize the positive things that kids are doing for others kids have the opportunity to recognize them.  To recognize the positives, we write tweets out on slips of paper.

Slips of paper

#gatorgoals means that a student is showing an example of what a goal student is.  A goal student means that they did something to be safe, be respectful, or be responsible.   Once a student has written a tweet for a peer or an adult has written a tweet for a student they place it in a jar that's in their classroom.  Then once a week a special guest comes into their class and reads all the tweets out loud everybody to hear.

 I have amazing opportunity to read fourth grade tweets out loud.  What makes me feel best about this opportunity is seeing the face of the student who is getting recognized.  However, the student whose tweet they wrote that is getting said out loud also has a look of pride on their face.

As a school we are working towards a goal of writing 600 tweets.  Once we write 600 tweets, the entire school will get a school wide reward.  We will then start over and work for another goal and school wide reward.  So far we are on a GREAT track… we have 216 tweets written as of last week!!!
Each week 12 tweets are randomly selected and hung up for the school to see.

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