Thursday, September 15, 2016

Classroom Uniqueness = Classroom Completeness

At the beginning of each school year I like to do something that helps to celebrate the uniqueness of each class and just how lucky they are to be in the class that they have. For grades 1-4 I have them create a class song that is based on a melody of a song that they have already learned in my class from a previous year.

First they take apart the song line by line and figure out how many syllables there are. Next they come up with a list of things they do during the school day that they could add into their song. They then match up the syllables and complete sentences using all of the ideas they have come up with. Later on they learn how to turn the syllables into musical rhythms within their song. Now that they have changed the lines of the song into phrases about things they do at school they create movements that they can do along with the song. Lastly, they perform their song together, I record their finished product, and they can watch what a great song they have created with their friends in their own special class.

Below are the lyrics Mrs. Schulte's Class created.

Below is a video of Mrs. Hall's Class performing their class song.

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