Monday, August 29, 2016

New Seating in Lunch

 The lunchroom can be one of those scary places for students and staff.  Last Wednesday when students entered the lunchroom they were shocked to see there we no grade levels assigned to tables.  Students walked in asking "Where they were allowed to sit?"   Staff members responded, "Wherever you would like."  The look on returning students as well as new students was amazement.  The students of Goodrich have modeled great behavior in the lunchroom so we thought this year we would start some new seating to let kids sit across grade levels.  The first couple days was interesting watching students find new tables to sit at while looking back at the adults to make sure we were not going to say anything.   We are a four days into this new idea and the staff members in the lunchroom could not be happier with the behavior and noise level in the lunchroom.

  Below is a picture of a table with all three grade levels during first lunch represented.  

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