Friday, August 26, 2016

A week of Firsts...

We made it through the first few days of first grade!  
We have many firsts:
First time we eat lunch at school
First time we have recess with the other grades.
First time we go to Art.
First time we stay all day long.

One of the First things we did this week was building relationships and getting to know people in our class.

We then decided to get down to the business of making our class rules and expectations so that we will always have a fun place to learn.
We read No David by David Shannon
To learn what NOT to do in class.

 Then we did a Rally Robin where each child at the table thought about a rule that they would like to see in our class.  We wrote them on stars and displayed them as a reminder.
Having the rules posted by our clip chart also will be a good way to help us stay on track.

And who doesn’t love a note in a lunchbox…

We are off to discover many firsts in first grade!

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