Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Buzz in the Building

There is always something so special about the beginning of a school year. There has been a definite “buzz” walking through the halls the past few days. Teachers have been working hard to get their classrooms ready for their new students. If you ask any teacher what they are most looking forward to at the beginning of a school year, the most common answer will be getting to know the new students. In fact, Dr. Scaletta did ask us that very question during our Inservice day, and every answer shared was about the kids. Not only did I feel this energy among the teachers, but I especially felt it from the students when they walked in the doors today. It was a joy to see the smiling faces filling the halls.  You could feel the excitement of a new year, a fresh start, and students ready to form and strengthen relationships with each other.

To kick off this school year in 5th grade, we spent the day focusing on class building and team building. Before any learning can occur, students need to feel comfortable and safe with their classmates and teammates. If today is any indication of the year, we are in for a lot of fun, learning, and adventure.

Ideas generated from Jot Thoughts on what makes a good teacher.

Using Swap Talk to learn more about our classmates.

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