Monday, January 11, 2016

Second Graders Learn a New Research Tool

Second grade students are learning how to use Google Docs and its Research tool. 
There was an article in our Superkids “Super“  magazine titled 'What's Faster?' Rather than simply reading the article comparing two animals or objects, students were given the task of researching the information for themselves.  While working with a partner, students learned how to make a copy of the original document, shared it with their partner and teacher, and decided who was going to answer which questions. Then they went to work conducting research and finding answers to their questions of which travels the fastest. Students were in awe watching in real-time the changes being made to the document they shared with their partner.

The research tool in Google Docs is neat in that it allows one to search for a topic, find information, images, quotes, and automatically insert the citations directly into the document. This built-in feature enables students to engage in real world writing rather than simply using Google Docs for writing or word processing.  Another benefit is that students can access and edit their documents from a tablet, computer, and even a cell phone.

Our second graders are gaining valuable skills learning how to write, research, and respond to questions using 21st Century technology tools.  

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