Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodrich School Gives Back

It is always difficult to come back to school after being off for two weeks.  However, as I returned back to Goodrich School to start off 2016 this morning, I was quickly reminded of all the amazing holiday spirit our school spread around the community this holiday season.  As a school, we are always interested in helping others and this year was no different.  Our students were able to spread holiday cheer to a child that will one day be a Goodrich student.  This future student has a rare disease called Primary Hyperoxaluria and is currently waiting for a life saving liver and kidney transplant.  To top it off, his father has Stage 4 colon cancer.  As a school, we raised just over $3,000 which went towards gas cards, grocery store gift cards, target gift cards, ect for the family.  We also filled our large box with gifts for baby Miles.

It was great to see how many families participated in this project and were able to give a little of what they have to someone else during this time of need.  I am always so amazed at how the Goodrich family steps up to help others when they need it.  

Students who donated were able to put their name ornament and put it on the giving tree.

Even though the holidays are a perfect time to give to others, it is something that you can do at any time of the year.   There are many ways that you can help in the community, and donating your time is just as meaningful as donating your money.  It is also good for kids to understand what it means to help those less fortunate than them.  There are many places in the community that lets kids volunteer.  I know as a kid, used to help my mom serve dinner at the PADS shelter and because of that, I developed my love for helping others.  

So make it your new years resolution to not only better yourself, but to better the lives of those in your community in any way you see fit.

Happy 2016! 

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