Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 10 Reasons for Students to Learn Code

Coding is the language of computers and students in grades 3-6 were introduced to coding for the global celebration/learning event called Hour of Code. There are many reasons why students should learn the language of computers and below are my top ten!

10. Coding is a new form of literacy and will be an integral part of many new jobs. 


9. Coding is a way for students to safely try, fail and try again.

8.Coding teaches problem solving and logic.

7.Coding teaches storytelling through games and animation tools.

6.Coding helps students to become familiar with technology.

5.Coding supports math concepts such as coordinate grids.

4.Coding teaches teamwork and collaboration.

3. There is a large gender disparity in tech companies. Coding begins to build girls interest in computer jobs.

2. We need more programmers. Over the next ten years it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs to fill with only 400,000 graduates.

1. And the number one reason to code is...
 Learning coding empowers students to express themselves in new and diverse ways!

Computer Science Education Week began on December 7th. During this time students, teachers and volunteers from around the world participated in activities that focused on the need for student understanding of computer science. This event grew out of a House Resolution that was passed in June of 2009. It recognized the first Computer Science Education Week the following December. Participation continued to grow until 2013 where the advent of initiated Hour of Code. This hour has highlighted the critical need for students to understand how to code or write programming for computers. Students as young as kindergarten have participated. With the support of President Obama, Malala and CEOs of companies such as Facebook and Yahoo the event has sky rocked in not only participation, but interest.

Please see the links below for coding resources beyond the school day.

Hour of Code Resources for all ages

Hour of Code

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