Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Student Teachers Can Be A Wonderful Experience!

Having a student teacher in the classroom can be a wonderful experience for students. Student teachers bring new ideas and twists on old ones.
My students get the benefits of having another teaching style, another pair of eyes to monitor learning and behavior, and another person build a relationship with your child. My fourth grade class is lucky to have Ms. Annalise Bradley as our student teacher.  She has brought much enthusiasm, energy, and innovation into our classroom.
As a teacher, I try to model best practice daily but when I have someone observing me it really brings that into sharper focus. I find that collaborating with Ms. Bradley makes me concentrate more on planning and implementation of lessons.  Having someone watch me teach pushes me to analyze and reflect upon my own teaching style.
A student teacher in the classroom offers me a chance to learn too. She brings new ideas, great thoughts and diverse ways of doing things, which are fabulous both for me and my class. Your children have many different learning styles and acquire knowledge in many ways. With two teachers, the kids are exposed to multiple teaching styles and ideas. And they have more than one person who will listen to their stories and share their confidences. It’s a win win situation for everyone!

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