Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus

Does watching magic tricks fascinate you? Do you wonder how a magic trick can fool your eye and make you think you are seeing something different from what is actually happening? Well, second graders are becoming magicians by learning the secrets behind some famous magic tricks. 

The theme of our nonfiction magazine,  SUPER by the Superkids Reading Program by Zaner Bloser, is 'It's Tricky'.  Each article is about things that are hard to do or that fool us, like a trick. Given the theme, our LRC Director, Mrs. Sayre, traded her librarian/media director hat for a magician's magic wand, and taught students how to do some easy magic tricks. 

Before becoming magicians, students had to recite the Magician's Oath, in which they promised to never reveal the secret of magic to those who are not magicians.  They also promised to keep practicing the magic tricks over and over before attempting to perform them in front of an audience.
Among the tricks second graders got to practice are: The Magic Card, Find the Heaviest Picture, Magic Book, and Magic Paper Clips. 

With each of the tricks students realized the importance of sequencing and following steps. Students will transfer their new learning into writing a narrative essay that describes their experience of performing magic while holding true to the Magician's Oath.

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