Monday, September 28, 2015

Make Space for Learning

Libraries have been in existence for thousands of years as an archive of books and other resources and as the focal point of resources for learning. Yet, today with the digitization of content and the ease of access to information resources on the Internet the focus of the library is changing. A debate rages in understanding 21st Century learning about whether students should have print versus digital access to books and resources. I believe that the best of both worlds can and should exist in a library environment. How can technology enhance and support what we already have? Books in print still play an essential role in the support of student learners, but digital technologies can also offer additional forays into learning. 

More important than the repository of resources that the library has always provided it is now time to encourage students to be more involved in the making of meaning of those resources. The library encourages participatory learning through the use of iPads, Chrome Books and Maker Spaces. To that end the Goodrich library is in its first year of transformation. Over the summer new carpet, paint and lights were added to the space. Since the library had to be emptied to accomplish this, shelves were removed and the library was reconfigured to make space for learning. 

2nd Grade students combine iPads and math to create virtual 3D birdhouses in the library

This school year phase two of the redesign will be planned. During this phase the library will be purchasing new shelves, adding more technology and making way for tinkering in a maker space. One year from now, students will come back to a newly designed space that will truly make space for learning! Stay tuned for exciting changes at Goodrich!

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