Monday, May 4, 2015

Compliment Circle

Building strong, positive relationships with and between students is tremendously important to the function of a classroom. Without these relationships a classroom would easily crumble, which is why class building and team building activities are so important and done so frequently. Recently, our class did an activity in which each student wrote a compliment for every other student in the class. We sat in a circle and passed around pieces of paper that had each student’s name on it and each of us wrote a compliment about that student. By the end of the activity students had a compliment from each one of their classmates. We then took those compliments and turned them into a Glog (digital poster) that will be displayed during open house later this week. 

Here is what Jake had to say about the activity. 

“I think that the compliment circle was a very fun activity. It made all of us a little closer because you got to see what other people think of you and how they see you. I think my whole class felt very happy to hear what kind things others had to say about them. 

I’m glad we are going to be putting all of our compliments into a Glog and then display it during open house. If you make a new friend in class and you tell your mom and dad about it, they probably want to know a little about their son or daughter’s new best friend and this is a chance for them to find out. It is also a good idea because then your parents can see what other people think of you. I think this was a great activity for our class to do.” 

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