Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Choosing a Just Right Book

I've been thinking about how much I love to go to the bookstore to browse and check out the new books that are out there.  I always end up spending lots of money on books that I know my students would love.  This led me to wonder how my students select the books they are going read.   
 James in 3rd grade told me “ You have to read and if you mess up on five words that is not a good book for you  “  he also mentioned “I pick a book that I can read in the amount of time that takes to meet your AR goal and if you look in the book and  read  some of it to see if you like it.  I read the back of the book too.”   
John from 3rd grade said” I look at the level then I check how the story begins and see if it is good.  I look for funny books because I like those best” 
Neveah from 6th grade said ,”I look at the level and the book title. I look how many points. I like fantasy, fiction and graphic novels. “
Johan from 6th grade said, ” I like scary true stories and they are fun to read and I like to be  really scared.”
Ariah from 2nd grade said, “I look at a bunch of books to see which one I might like” 

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