Friday, April 24, 2015

Volleyball = Cooperation

During our volleyball unit, we did all kinds of different activities to work on the skills used in a volleyball game.  We learned how to do a forearm pass, set, underhand serve, and overhand serve.  We also learned how to rotate around the court properly.  Some of the highlights were the serving games we played: “Dead Fish,” “Serve Collectors,” and “Volleyball Battleships.”  All of these games had different endings; however they all made us focus on serving to a specific target.

The best part of the volleyball unit was on the last day, not because it was over, but because we played a game called MONSTER VOLLEYBALL!  It was similar to regular volleyball, except the ball was WAY bigger.  We also had unlimited hits per side and it took three people to serve the ball over the net.  This required a lot of cooperation because we only had a few seconds to get set up and then launch the ball over the net.

There were many things we learned during this unit.  Mostly things related specifically to volleyball, but more importantly, COOPERATION with your partner/team.  If we did not work together, we were not successful. 
Volleyball is a lot harder than we first thought, but overall it was a really fun unit!  
Blake, Mason, Max, & Nick

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