Monday, April 27, 2015

Check out my writing!

This quarter we are writing realistic fiction stories! We made our characters and thought of adventures and problems for our character. My character's name is Rey Misterio Triple Jr. He is very hilarious, he runs into big problems, and he is very mysterious. Here is a picture of my character.

One of his problems is when he was in Mexico. He tried to speak Spanish but he forgot how to say, "What's your name?" (¿Como te llamas?) in Spanish so he said, "te amo" which means I love you. Then everybody laughed at him. Next he used his English to talk with people that only speak Spanish. I thought of this problem because one time I was using my English with someone then I realized that he didn't speak English.

This unit of writing is my favorite because we get to create our own characters and name them ourselves. I also like to choose my own problems for my character.  I love reading realistic fiction stories like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate. Hopefully one day my story will become a classic!

Here is the beginning of my series...

By: Sebastian V.

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