Thursday, April 23, 2015

Step Up Day

It is hard to believe that it is time to leave Goodrich and move onto Jefferson.  Today we were able to visit Jefferson as a group to see and learn about our new school. Many of us were nervous as we came to school today thinking that we will be going to a bigger school as strangers.   The tour today helped relieve some of our concerns and fears. During our step up day we had a tour of the school to see the many different classrooms, much bigger than Goodrich, and a time to listen and answer questions that we may have for the upcoming school year. Jefferson has a variety of activities after school each day.  This was very exciting to learn about.  Many of us will participate in these activities over the next two years.  The trip was good learning experience for all of us.  Most of us came away from the trip excited to be going there next year.   We have learned many things at Goodrich throughout the years that will help us be successful at Jefferson.  Thanks to all the teachers and staff at Goodrich for the memories.


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