Thursday, April 9, 2015

3rd Grade Bakers

3rd Grade Bakers
By: Kristy Litwiller

Children work hard everyday to do their best in school.  In third grade, students can earn Warm Fuzzies for making responsible choices, following directions during Specials, being excellent role models in the school and receiving compliments from other teachers.  The Warm Fuzzies are pom pom balls that are collected in a jar, each one symbolizing something wonderful they have done as a class.  Once the jar is full, they can choose an activity as a reward for  being super stars!  In my classroom, the children voted to do a baking activity and selected an excellent chocolate cupcake recipe.  We baked in the Teacher's Lounge in small groups. Conveniently, we were working on fractions in math, so this activity supported the use of fractions using cups, teaspoons and tablespoons.

Two of my students, Alex M. and Aaron M., were particularly enthusiastic about this activity.    They would like to share their baking experience with the Goodrich community.

Delicious Cupcakes
By Aaron and Alex M.

Have you ever wanted to make cupcakes?  Well, last Friday we did just that!  Except we did it with our class and made five dozen cupcakes in SCHOOL!!

I bet you are wondering why we baked?  Well, we have Warm Fuzzies.  Every time the Warm Fuzzy jar is full we can choose a fun activity.  We chose baking because I started looking at baking books in the library.  I became interested and wanted to make an activity out of it to experience what it was like to bake real cupcakes.  That idea inspired a lot of people in our class.

We were split into four groups by our teacher, Mrs. Litwiller.  There were four jobs for each group of kids and everyone got one.  The four jobs were mixing, ingredients, measurement and tools.

At the end, the cupcakes turned out delicious.  The cupcakes were EPIC!!  Plus, we got to decorate them!

Here, the students are taking turns filling the baking tins with filling.

This student straightens up a cupcake liner.

My students are ALWAYS ready for their close-up!  :)

Everyone helps to make sure the cupcakes will be a success!

Mmmmm!!!  Fresh out of the oven!  Can you smell the chocolaty goodness?


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