Friday, March 6, 2015

Opinion Writing in 3rd Grade

The 3rd graders have been working on opinion writing in class.  Lucy Calkins states,  "Always be sure you get the name of the dog." in other words, be sure you collect examples that can make your opinion come to life.  The students are now coming up with examples to help with their opinion piece.

Better bathrooms was a topic that was passionate among many of the students.  They determined what was needed to improve the bathrooms at Goodrich school.  They have shared some of their examples to make their opinion come to life.

Spencer said, "Once I was doing a math test and the dryer turned on and I was so distracted I was unable to concentrate.  So, we need quieter dryers".

Tommy said, "Boys need to take care of the boys' bathroom.  There is always toilet paper on the ground in the stall and the ground is always wet.  That's why the boys need to take care of the boys' bathroom".

We categorized the problems and solutions to the boys' bathroom.  They will use these categories to complete their opinion piece.  Taking in mind their audience and engaging them.

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