Monday, March 23, 2015

Is It Healthy? Is It Not?

For the past two weeks or so the Fifth Graders have been doing activities in Science. We have been learning about staying healthy and exercising more. We also learned about the importance of reading food labels and having a balanced meal everyday. We also learned that it’s important to eat healthy.

We learned about the food groups in the Food Pyramid. There are six groups in the pyramid. There’s grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meats and beans and exercise, even though it’s not a food. Exercise is still important because it makes you stronger and healthier. If you have each of those categories everyday you will be super healthy. Each of those foods are very crucial. Veggies and fruits give nutrients, to have energy. Meat and beans give you protein, to be stronger. Milk gives you calcium, for stronger bones. Grains give you a less chance of getting some diseases. Exercise just makes you stronger in general. All of these foods might not look good to eat but you’re going to need to eat these foods.

Additionally, we have been learning about reading food labels. We learned that you mostly want high amounts of vitamins, calcium, fiber and protein on your food label. We also learned that you want low amounts of sugar, fat and other unhealthy ingredients. We also each brought in a food label and read it correctly. Somethings we thought were healthy and some were not. For example, Mrs.Brennan brought a bag of “Lay’s Oven Baked BBQ Chips.” Yum, sounds good right? But the bag of chips had 140 calories and it had 3.5 grams of fat in one package, and the chips contain an ingredient called Torula which is in pet foods. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to eat pet food. Yuck! Not so healthy.

We have learned about the different types of food, nutrients, calcium, protein and the food pyramid, and food labels because it’s important to eat healthy food. There are a lot of different foods in the world so embrace it and try different foods. If you never had broccoli, but you think it’s bad, try it and you might like it. It’s important eating good food because it will make you stronger, more fit, give you stronger bones, and a healthy body, even though you might not like green food.

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