Thursday, March 19, 2015

Oh What a Character! By: Stephanie & Natalia

We are in 3rd grade and we go to see  Mrs. Gamez for reading and learning. We read books in a series called Daniel’s Gadgets.  We read the book called “The Trebuchet”.

We also did a Character Web about Daniel who was a character of the story. A character is a person who is in the book.  Sometimes it can be animals or real persons.

We filled out a Character Web so we could find out about a person’s character traits. Character traits are people’s feelings and people’s personalities (how they are).  We used Character Webs to learn  more about a person’s character traits.

We like to do Character Webs because it gets us to do more higher level thinking. And also to learn more about the characters, for example Ty & Daniel.  We learned that Daniel was funny, he never gives up and he likes to build things.

Kids should do Character Webs so they can have higher level thinking and think more about the characters  in the story.

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