Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reading and Thinking and Learning, Oh My!

In Mrs. Gamez’s class we have been learning about thinking a lot. First we think about something we are going to say to the whole class then Mrs. Gamez calls on one of us and we share our thoughts. Then we figure out what higher level thinking we are at.  The lowest level is Remember. If you can’t remember you can’t Understand the meaning. The levels are: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate,  Create.  

We also learned about using cognates. This is important because some people speak Spanish and some words are similar to Spanish words. If you’re reading a book in English and you don’t understand the word and it sounds similar to a word in Spanish, then you will know what the author is telling you. Here are examples of Cognates:

social -- social; infection-- infección; virus -- virus; operation -- operación

Here’s some advice for the people were born in another country and don’t know English - think a lot. Using cognates will help you if you don’t know what it says. First sound it out and think if it’s a cognate.Then ask a friend if you can’t figure out the word if you’re struggling. If a friend doesn’t know the word then ask a teacher.
  By Ana and Mariana

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