Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Capture the Moment!



How do light and color interact in a painting?

We'd like to share our latest art treasures for your enjoyment and let you know what we've learned about painting.

"I made it appear as if the sun was shining on it."  Morgan
"The dark shadow that I made makes the haystack look real.  The different colors in the sky look like a real sunset."  Evie"
"I made texture with every color."  Emily P.
"There is  a sense of time in my artwork because of the colors."  Emily D.
"I outlined with craypas in the beginning , then mixed colors and added colors into the painting."  Benjamin
"I used light and dark to show the yellow and orange summer sun."  Ria
"The light makes my haystack appear realistic."  Maddie
"I used contrasting spots of light color  and dark simple colors."  Miranda
"The last bit of sunlight setting today."  Javier
"The sun sets in the west and the light sets a time to the darkness."  Jessica
"I used light colors such as pink and orange."  Natalya

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