Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Book Clubs: Reading for Fun."

Many adults enjoy the leisure of participating in book clubs.  It is a great way to allow readers to discuss books in an informal setting. The 3rd graders are enjoying the same kind of community-building experience by meeting with friends to read, and discuss books together. Their meetings have come to life with amazing discussions. 

By interacting with a book, our 3rd graders are increasing their comprehension and ability to discuss what they know. When groups meet they complete thoughtful questions, ideas, and Ah ha moments.  This has encouraged them to keep reading.

In Mrs. Adams’ 3rd grade class we have four groups with each group reading a different book.  They are absolutely enjoying the time they get to discuss their book and I have noticed an increase in enjoyment for reading along with a greater understanding of what’s been read.

I hope that my student’s participation in book clubs will help them become life-long readers and even want to join a book club as an adult.

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