Monday, November 3, 2014

There is Nothing Good To Read!
In my new position as Reading Specialist this year, it has really made me think about how reading affects so many different things.  My good friend Linda has four children, three girls and a boy.  The three girls have always loved to read.  Any time I would visit them or talk with them I would ask what they were reading how they liked it and if they would recommend it to anyone.  The girls always would be willing to talk about books.  Her son would say I don’t really like to read.  Linda was concerned about him and wanted some help about what to do.  I talked with him about what things he liked baseball, hockey, sports in general.  I took him to the bookstore without his sisters to find some books that he might enjoy.  Success!  Linda said he loved the books we bought and was actually enjoying and was starting to get interested in reading.  Times were tough for him as he got older he still struggled with reading but enjoyed his sports books.  Linda would read any of the books he got as assignments with him.  They would take turns reading to each other and would discuss the book.  Linda would ask him questions about the book.  She asked me what kinds of questions to ask because she wasn’t sure what to ask.  After talking with Linda I realized how hard it might be for parents to talk to their kids about books. Especially since most kids give the typical answer of yes or no never explaining anything about what they have read.  I found on the Scholastic web site some great questions you can use to talk to your kids about what they are reading.  These questions will hopefully generate more discussions instead of just the typical yes or no answers.
Happy Reading!  Be sure to join us Thursday, November 13th for free pizza and fractured fairy tales on family reading night!

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