Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Are Thankful

There are always certain songs, people or special times throughout the year that really cause me to stop and reflect. Thanksgiving is definitely one of those times. In first grade, we have been using the Thanksgiving holiday as a theme. Last week we made a paper turkey with feathers. On the feathers we listed things that we are thankful for. This week we learned about the first Thanksgiving and what it was like to travel on the ship from England.

Today we continued this theme and worked together in cooperative learning groups to make an acrostic poem. We did something called Rally Robin to generate a list of words for our poem. Everyone had a chance to share an idea. Then, we went around the table and each student had a chance to choose a word, and each team member wrote the idea on their paper. Everyone’s ideas contributed to the final product. The ideas that the students generated were very thoughtful and reflective.

Here are a few snapshots of this learning process!

Working together in our classroom is definitely something that I am thankful for!

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