Thursday, November 20, 2014

Question of the Day

In kindergarten, students walk into the classroom with a question of the day ready for them to answer.  At first, it was difficult to come up with a question to ask students every day.  I wanted the question to be something that students would get excited to read and answer.  I thought it would become increasingly more difficult to create a question, however, I found that the task has become easier.  Every day, there are so many questions I have for my students. I view it as a small way to find out more about them as individuals.  The questions are occasionally about their opinions and abilities, but I also ask questions to get a quick assessment of the lessons from the previous day or week.  It is a wonderful way to learn more about each student, while they are reading sentences with sight words and learning more about their classmates.
What will you eat on Thanksgiving Day?
Where is the ball?
We were reviewing positional words.
Who do you like best?
Doc was one of our favorite Superkid Characters!

Which number is greater?
Comparing teen numbers can be a challenge!


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