Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don't forget your Social Skills!!

Throughout the school day, students learn math, reading, writing, and many other subjects.  All the subjects are very different, but one thing all those have in common is that you need good social skills in order to do all of these. Without social skills we cannot work with others in a group, appropriately ask for help, or even problem solve when something goes wrong.

I believe that social skills and academics go hand in hand in order to be successful in school; however learning social skills are often over looked.  Kids are constantly using these skills every time they interact with others, whether it is at school, home, or the community; which is why they are so important.  

Second Step is a social/emotional curriculum that I use at Goodrich to teach social skills.  I enjoy going into classrooms for Second Step lessons, not only because they are fun, but because the students are learning and practicing these very valuable skills.  I want to see all the students at Goodrich School not only to develop academically, but to develop good social skills for the future!

Acting out, or role plays, are a very good way to learn social skills.  Here are third graders learning and modeling that our feelings about a situation can change and that people can have different feelings about the same situation.  It started with me giving an example of how my feelings change throughout running a race (nervous, then tired, then happy that it’s over!) and then they were able to act out their feelings changing about different situations.  Some of those situations included trying a new food, finding out they were going to have a new sibling, and going to your first sleepover.

Miss Abram :) 

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